Leadership Team

Jon Dellaria, COO

Gloria Dellaria, PR Specialist

Alexandra Lazar, Research Intern

Alexandra Lazar has been with the One Thousand Cranes Foundation since she graduated from UC Davis in 2014. She has worked on researching Sarin, one of the most deadliest chemical weapons the United States military has been stockpiling. Prior to joining One Thousand Cranes, Lazar was involved in numerous academic and non-academic research positions, beginning as a research administrator at UC Davis Communications department, and then a research intern for CBS News in Sacramento. Lazar received her B.S from UC Davis in Communications and Political Science. She gradated cum lade, and was elected to Phi Theta Kappa. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, writing, and enjoying anything science fiction.

Nicolas Paine, Writer / Producer

Nicolas has over 20 years experience as a screenwriter and producer on a wide range of projects including feature films, episodic series and television commercials. He has also conducted a series of writing seminars in Central and South America, and since 2006 he has served as an officer for the non-profit Project Accessible Hollywood, helping bring digital storytelling tools to communities across the United States and around the world. Nicolas is a graduate of the USC School of Cinema-Television, with honors.

Michael Junne, Director of Concerts & Event Sponsorships

Michael Junne is our Concert Coordinator for One Thousand Cranes Foundation.  Focused on creating a good time on any scale all while supporting a great cause, Junne has a passion for finding the next unique and compelling approach to putting a concert or event together. Junne’s sight is always on the bigger picture, and has the ability to organize which pushes him to consistently excel any expectation.

Jason Banks, IT Management & Infrastructure

Born in Inglewood California, nick named the City of Champions. Jason Banks took an early interest in technology due to his father’s work in a technology company called TRW, and would bring home electronic parts for me to tinker with. Banks would later go on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Masters in Network Communications management, and a Master’s in Business Administration. Banks worked for household organizations as American Honda Motor Corp Inc., and United Health Care. 1TCF has taken an innovative approach to non-profit, which excites me to be a part of a team that uses today’s technology to help create a better world.